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Aristarchus Campaign 6: Transit of Mercury, May 9 2016

Using this page you will be able to analyze a set of images of the transit of Mercury and obtain from them amazing information about Mercury and the Sun. This is precisely the aim of the Aristarchus Campaign.

The analysis is a 3-step process. In the first step you will be asked to upload your images. In order to simplify the analysis you will be also asked to identify Mercury and one sunspot (if visible) in all the images. We will also ask you for the time when each image was taken.

The second step is the analysis of the images. We will study the uploaded images and will measure the Sun and Mercury. Combining the information of all images we will attempt at aligning the images. As a result you will be able to see the path of Mercury across the solar disk. With this information at hand we will provide you incredible information about the planet and its orbit.

In the Third step you will be invited to submit your observation to the campaign. For doing so we need just a couple of additional information about the place and time when the pictures were taken.

We will use this colored boxes to guide you through the process. You may close them using the 'X' in the upper-right corner. Use the button to save your changes or upload the images. Once you complete the goal of each step press the button to continue.

Step 1. Upload your images

Click the box below to select the images you want to upload. Alternatively you may also drag them into the box. You may upload individual images of less than 50MB. If you select/drag several images the total size must not be larger than 50MB.
Click or drag your images here to upload them